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As beekeepers we practice
drone comb removal, brood breaks and intensive queen rearing and aim to move towards a honeybee stock that is completely treatment free and winter hardy.

What’s treatment free?

Treatment free means no chemical or biological interventions to manage hive health.  It is a goal of ours to move towards a honeybee survivor stock who are 100% treatment free.

In the meantime, we work with the biological rhythms of the hive to minimize stress to the bees and use biological interventions when necessary. We believe strongly in nurturing winter hardy northern honeybee stock, and we want to share our bees with you.

Along with the pleasure of working with thousands of beautiful ladies, beekeeping produces beeswax, honey, propolis and a number of learning opportunities. We teach beekeeping courses online and in person at the University of Massachusetts, community bee school through NOFA Massachusetts and Smith Vocational and Technical High School, lead private hive tours, and host a community honey harvests. It’s a sweet and sticky process.

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We can put hives on your property too! Contact us, we’ll set up your bee yard!