YardBirds Crop Share

Farm Based Education

We want you to be in touch with the food you eat, elbows deep in the kimchi making, apple pressing, honey extraction or beehive management. We think everyone should have the opportunity to connect with land, food and our ecosystem.  Food traditions connect us to our past, our stories and ourselves in a way that’s transformative and healing.  This healing creates space for us to reimagine the food system.

Our food system deserves an adjustment. An overhaul, if you will.

The way to do it? Take part: eat, share, learn by doing, connect food, people and place as you learn.

Come visit us at the farm or market table. Say hello. Bring your friends and family. Taste our honey. Share something you’ve learned. Join us for a workshop or come for a visit or share our enthusiasm by signing up for our newsletter:

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