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Our Farm

Yard Birds Farm is a small scale sustainable apiary, education hub, and experimental garden.

We aim to build soil health by feeding our soil through cover cropping, and organic mineral amendments. We grow honeybees and foraging plants on 21 acres of sandy loam in the heart of the Franklin County.

We integrate regenerative practices to:

Grow healthy honeybees, nourish community connections and promote place-based education.

What does that mean?

-We utilize innovative practices in honeybee managment to produce northern honey and honeybees.

-We facilitate educational programming and on-farm research.

-In our work and our classes, on and off the farm we are committed to fostering safe, inclusive space for people of all races, genders, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds.

-We develop strong partnerships in order to improve the vitality of our community and our planet.

-We acknowledge that we occupy stolen land as settlers, and we hold ourselves accountable to doing the work to dismantle oppressive power structures in our community and leverage our resource and privilege to dismantle these structures.

-We invite creative discussion to improve our work.

Whose we?

Angela Roell (they/them/theirs) is an educator, evaluator, facilitator, organizer and beekeeper.  They have had the honor of studying beekeeping with Dee Lusby  and Kirk Webster. They’ve gleaned skills in holistic planning and systems thinking throughout their career as a farmer & organizer, and uses ecological systems thinking to cultivate justice and equity.

Brian Kline (he/they) is a teacher, drummer and small engine repair enthusiast.  He loves caring for the forest, land and soil using regenerative practices.


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